Penza Bailey Architects was sought out for the building renovation of an existing garden apartment complex. One of the buildings burned to the ground, forcing the design team to address new market conditions and county regulations. Per County requirements, the new building had to be designed on the existing footprint and keep the existing building height, adding an extra challenge.

The old market proceeds from the insurance claim netted less than half of what it would take to replace the three-story building. PBA accelerated a full code analysis, design and construction process that would keep the entire project on schedule.

The most compelling aspect of the project was to create a new 35,000 SF building that “fit in” with the older complex, while improving aesthetically its façade to a very transited road; offering a more marketable mix of unit types and managing a restrictive $100 per square foot budget.

The new construction gave PBA an opportunity to cure inherent flaws in the design of the original buildings; fire protection systems, individual washers & dryers, natural cross ventilation, accessible units and up to date construction details that make the new building more energy efficient and resistant to weather conditions.