Washington Hospital Center is the flagship facility for Medstar Health, the owner of a number of premier hospitals in the mid-Atlantic region. The firm was engaged to conduct a thorough architectural accessibility survey of the entire complex to satisfy requirements imposed by the Department of Justice. Buildings within the complex date to the 1950s with the most recent of these completed in 1993, two years after the ADA became law. To quantify and strategically prioritize curing the building’s deficiencies, the firm created a content-management, database-driven, electronic survey tool to record and test data for all aspects of the Americans with Disabilities Act Architectural Guidelines (ADAAG). The survey included not only an examination of existing conditions and the recording of all barriers, but also the modification of outdated plan documents where undocumented alterations had taken place. Barriers were recorded in the database, automatically assigned unique barrier numbers, which then conveyed electronically to match points on the final plan drawings.