The non-profit, 198-bed long-term healthcare and hospice project included a four-bed addition, reconfiguration of the hospice suites, and reconfiguration of the existing facility. The complicated redevelopment was phased to minimize negative impacts on existing operations and the surrounding community.

The new facility includes medical offices / exam, patient rooms with medical services, clean supply, dining, public waiting / lounge, nursing station, and social worker / counseling. The programming of all spaces included multiple planning meetings with staff. The importance of patient privacy issues influenced the reorganization of the nurses’ station and other staff areas. The existing conference room adjacent to the nurses’ station was enlarged to accommodate regular meetings of doctors, nurses, and other care givers. A major part of the project was the preparation of documentation for presentation of the proposed projects to the local Advisory Neighborhood Commission and the Board of Zoning Adjustment, requirements in the District of Columbia.